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New Patients

At Parramatta Dental Clinic, you’ll be warmly welcomed by our friendly team when you arrive.

If you have kids, they’ll enjoy playing with our toys, blocks and colouring sheets. You can page through our selection of magazines before it’s time for your appointment.

Your Checkup and Cleaning

We’ll sit down and have a chat with you to find out what you’re expecting from this visit and what your goals may be with any future visits. X-rays are taken to thoroughly check your oral health. You’ll receive a professional clean and polish to make your teeth feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

At the end of the appointment, we’ll go through our findings with you and discuss any future visits that may be necessary. We’ll explain everything in great detail so that you know what to expect. A checkup and professional clean and polish take about 30-60 minutes. Before you leave, we’ll ask for your feedback to make sure that you have a fantastic experience, using it to improve our patient care.

Emergency Visits

If you’re visiting us due to a specific emergency concern such as a toothache, we’ll investigate your problem, take X-rays and let you know what your options are for treatment. You’ll know the fees involved and how long any treatment will take before beginning. Our priority is to relieve any pain you’re in. Then, we can resolve the problem and make our recommendation to you.

Book Your First Appointment

We provide same-day bookings, late opening hours and Saturday visits. Contact us today to get started!

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