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Custom Mouthguards at Parramatta Dental Clinic

If you or your child is an athlete, one of the most important ways to protect your family is to invest in a sports mouthguard. These custom oral appliances are a crucial piece of equipment, just like a helmet or pads.

Boys playing soccerHaving a sports mouthguard reduces the risk of broken or knocked out teeth, jaw fractures and concussions. But the key is to have one made that fits properly. A custom splint from Parramatta Dental Clinic will protect better than one you buy over the counter, since it’s made from a mould of your mouth. All we need to get started is to take an impression of your teeth.

Advantages of Custom Guards

Wearing a professional mouthguard during your activity will provide:

  • A more comfortable fit
  • Better security
  • Easier to drink with
  • Higher level of protection

You can even specify to have your mouthguard made a certain colour to match your team jersey.

Adults can keep their appliances from season to season. But younger individuals who are still growing will need to have a new mouthguard made each year until their teeth and jaws are fully developed.

Woman waking up with jaw painBite Splints (for Bruxism)

If you clench and grind your teeth, you may need a different type of mouthguard known as a bite splint.

Splints keep a small amount of space between your teeth so that your jaw muscles don’t fully engage. They’re typically worn while you’re sleeping, but some people keep them handy at their desk or for the commute home after work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my sports mouthguard?

Clean your mouthguard with a soft toothbrush, lukewarm tap water and toothpaste. Keep it dry and store it in a protective case when you’re not wearing it.

Are there special considerations for getting a bite splint?

No. While most dental treatments have specific criteria to determine if you qualify for a particular procedure, removable mouthguards can be made for all athletes.

When should I wear a mouthguard?

Any contact sport or individual activity where there’s a risk of falls, trauma or other accidents can benefit from having added protection.

Is it true that mouthguards help prevent concussions?

Researchers believe that mouthguards prevent the mandible (lower jaw) from being forced into the skull during a traumatic injury, lessening the chance of suffering from a concussion.

Get Your Mouthguard Today

Book an appointment to have an impression made of your teeth and we’ll have your mouthguard ready in about a week.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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